Meet the Authors and Photographer

Author Charles J. Kropke

Charles Kropke in Tux Photo Charles J. Kropke, President of  Tropic Moon Media, is the author of “SOUTH BEACH: Stories of a Renaissance”, and narrator of the companion short film DVD of the same name. Tropic Moon Media is a book publishing and media production company located in Coral Gables, Florida The book and DVD trace South Beach from its earliest pioneer days to today’s high-energy global resort, bringing the remarkable comeback story of this historic Art Deco district to life. With historical photos and on-location scenes, “SOUTH BEACH: Stories of a Renaissance” features a unique look at one of the world’s most popular travel destinations. The 36-minute DVD and 244-page hardcover book recalls the booms, busts and eclectic personalities responsible for turning an isolated, mosquito-infested island into a glamorous beachfront resort in less than a century. His next book and DVD is titled; “The Everglades: Stories of a Legendary Wilderness.” An energetic entrepreneur, Kropke also overseas a family of companies in creative financing, sustainable tourism and development and progressive environmental change. As managing partner for Dragonfly Expeditions, Florida’s largest corporate tour company, Kropke is a leader in educational, ecological, historic, and cultural tours in Florida and the Caribbean basin. He has created more than 150 distinctive tours that have been featured by The Travel Channel, The Weather Channel, National Geographic, Condé Nast Traveler and many other media outlets. Kropke is behind the resurgence of Chalk’s Ocean Airways (a legendary seaplane airline), and is recreating Windjammer Sailing Adventures, patterned after the beloved Windjammer Barefoot Cruises. Other endeavors in this family of companies include Island Episodes (a Bahamian tour company), Intriguing Places (a Florida venues company), Green Heron Gifts (a Florida gift company), Earth Lion Expeditions (an international tour company), and Kipu (a Spanish-language conference company). Kropke is a long-time leader in the Everglades Restoration Movement, a driving force in historical restoration of the gardens of the Vizcaya Estate in Miami and frequently donates time, resources, and his expertise to advance fundraising efforts for The Nature Conservancy of Florida. A featured presenter on Florida’s speaker’s circuit, he is the father of eight adopted children.

Author Eleanor Goldstein

eleanor photo A nationally known author, educator, keynote speaker and philanthropist, Eleanor Goldstein’s beautiful tabletop book entitled “SOUTH BEACH: Stories of a Renaissance,” combines fine art, photography, and anecdotal history. She is also Executive Producer of the 36-minute short film and DVD of the same name. Goldstein, who is Chairman of Coral Gables based Tropic Moon Media, focuses on looking at places from a new perspective, drawing on the vision of the artist, the insight of the author, and the authenticity of the researcher. Goldstein’s lifelong commitment to education is reflected in numerous national and international achievements as a supporter of educational programs that promote academic freedom and democracy through global and civic education. She has collaborated with the book division of US News and World Report, writing three textbooks on Government, Economics, and World Affairs, which eventually became innovative electronic textbooks.  Goldstein has also written three groundbreaking books on false memory. A graduate of the University of Colorado, Goldstein taught 10 years in the Boulder school system, and was accepted into the Experienced Teacher Fellowship Program of the Social Science Education Consortium.  She later founded Social Issues Resources Series (SIRS) a publishing company that is on the cutting-edge of textual and technological interactive materials on citizenship education and global education.  She is also the author of SIRS Interactive Citizenship Education Program, which promotes the ideals of democracy and global civic culture to create a more peaceful world through education.

Painter and Photographer Joe Davis

sp-287x300Joe Davis is a noted artist and photographer whose original gatefold illustrations and colorful photos capture the spirit of one of the world’s most appealing destinations in “SOUTH BEACH: Stories of a Renaissance”. After receiving a BFA in printmaking from the Philadelphia College of Art, Davis moved to New York where he maintained a studio on 42nd Street and 8th Avenue for 15 years. During this time, his work was exhibited at many New York galleries. In 1986 he produced a series of paintings for Steven Spielberg’s movie “batteries Not Included”. In addition Davis had shows in Los Angeles, Miami and Tokyo and his work is in the collections of numerous institutions and private collectors. Davis has worked as an illustrator for The New Yorker Magazine, The New York Times Sunday Magazine, The Village Voice and other national publications. In the mid 1990s he moved to South Florida, where he learned to create digital animations winning several awards including being selected for PRINT magazine’s first digital design annual. In recent years Davis has pursued both painting and photography and started his own art publishing company and gallery, DelrayART